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output x4EowY by VVyvern haven't started
output 9dBu3d by VVyvern sketching/in progress
output Ndicq8 by VVyvern digitally drawing/animating/coloring/revising
output PLPAM0 (1) by VVyvern Submitting

output 8ijy5Z by VVyvern For my personal greedy needs
output UzZ2Am (1) by VVyvern Art Trade
output gPhSFC by VVyvern Gift
output NuLXHy by VVyvern Commissions

output 8ijy5Z by VVyvernoutput Ndicq8 by VVyvern The Zorua who was on fire
output Ndicq8 by VVyvernoutput 8ijy5Z by VVyvern Random traditional adopts
output x4EowY by VVyvernoutput 8ijy5Z by VVyvern Cake dragon (Raffle prize)
output Ndicq8 by VVyvernoutput 8ijy5Z by VVyvern personal bullets
output 9dBu3d by VVyvernoutput 8ijy5Z by VVyvern FE: Chapter 6
output 9dBu3d by VVyvernoutput 8ijy5Z by VVyvern Ref for adopted character
output 9dBu3d by VVyvernoutput 8ijy5Z by VVyvern the lunch table
output 9dBu3d by VVyvernoutput 8ijy5Z by VVyvern Missing's wing
output x4EowY by VVyvernoutput 8ijy5Z by VVyvern folder icons


MY opinion on Pokemon

BUT U R MEEN :'(  :'(  :'(  :'( by VVyvern THE ADDING/REMOVING OF POKEMON ON THIS LIST HAS NO ASSOCIATIONS TO ANY CONFLICTS I HAVE HAD LATELY. Hate of the pokemon is not directed because of anybody, in other words.

You have been warned~

my favorite pokemon:
Zorua by CreepyJellyfishGrovyle by CreepyJellyfishServine by CreepyJellyfishEmpoleon by CreepyJellyfishZekrom by CreepyJellyfishChikorita by CreepyJellyfishVolcarona by CreepyJellyfishCharizard by CreepyJellyfishUmbreon by CreepyJellyfishBlaziken by CreepyJellyfish
pokemon i dont like:
Oshawott by CreepyJellyfishsilly otter, do not believe you can take piplup's Meloetta >;D
Vaporeon by CreepyJellyfishwhat's so great about a mutant fish mammal? besides the fact it can use ice beam.
Skitty by your eyes already :stare:
Quilladin by CreepyJellyfishstupid fat ugly rat....-_- this is just what i think! remind yourself that!!
Quilava by CreepyJellyfish...a turquoise/cream weasel with a flaming head and ass...? No thanks.
*ahem!* legendary time!!
Zekrom by CreepyJellyfish:icongreaterthanplz:Pokemon - Reshiram gif by knuckvin10
Xerneas-active by CreepyJellyfish:icongreaterthanplz:Yveltal shiny by CreepyJellyfish
Dialga by CreepyJellyfish:icongreaterthanplz:Palkia by CreepyJellyfish
kyogre gif by cookietime88:icongreaterthanplz:X/Y Groudon Cursor by mid0456
Lugia by Maryenne042:icongreaterthanplz:Ho-Oh by Maryenne042

Stamps about me

BUT U R MEEN :'(  :'(  :'(  :'( by VVyvernPokemon Stamp by SavannaH09No Messages Stamp by serafine-enifaresZorua stamp by ZoruaI miss grovyle stamp by SuperpointfangirlLugia Fan Stamp by Drake09All You Need Is deviantART by Luna-AkariTomboy Stamp by JiiHakuStamp by TwiggyTeeluckThe Dark Side Stamp by CaddielookRain Stamp by Stamp221I choose Snivy stamp by KingdomKirarainbow stamp by EeveeTrainer1000Overrated by crimsonsaphireOpinion stamp by xAshleyMxZekrom Awakens Stamp by RinixKiyoshiPokemon Xerneas Stamp by RinixKiyoshiPokemon White Stamp by DeltheorMega Charizard X by MarlenesstampsI Support Pokemon White by Miya902Vivian stamp by Arkreon
Vivian fan button by EeveeTrainer1000
Scourge fan button by Pixelated--Coffee
Holly fan button by EeveeTrainer1000
Primrose fan button by EeveeTrainer1000


Journal dolls
KAI-YAH by VVyvern
'Sup, my name is Snakeeyes the Swag... by VVyvern
Just chillax, bruh by VVyvern
Hello, there! by VVyvern
I'm feeling lucky by VVyvern
Kichiro la fabulosa by VVyvern

Please do not click the button for this commission. For some odd reason, I haven't been getting the points sent by commissions. Please send me the points the regular way if you want one, and give the information in the details. Thank you!~

I make a 150x150 journal doll for you to put in your journals ^^ Just copy and paste the thumb code and you're good to go!


Can be:

:bulletgreen:Most pokesona/pokemon provide a clear ref;
any feline-like creature
:bulletgreen:Dragons. I mean, there's one up there XD
:bulletgreen:Mythical creatures (this one is a bit tricky, note me before commissioning)
:bulletgreen:Sea creatures

Can't be (I cannot draw correctly ever)
:bulletred:Animatronics (THOSE DARN THINGS WILL BE THE END OF ME)
:bulletred:Canines (wolves/dogs)

If you're not sure feel free to contact me! 

What is the likelyhood of being pooped on by a bird minutes before your graduation pictures? 

7 deviants said Sam: Venus, I will carefully remove your eyeballs in your sleep, regardless of whatever Zekrom you have.
5 deviants said 1:10
4 deviants said 1:0
2 deviants said 1:6
1 deviant said 1:8
1 deviant said 1:2
No deviants said 1:4
No deviants said 1:1


:heart: Everyone reading this; you are all beautiful in your own way, never forget that! :heart:
Mon May 4, 2015, 1:29 PM
*flips around* yolo
Thu Apr 30, 2015, 6:59 PM
I should be doing hooommeewooork
Thu Apr 30, 2015, 6:59 PM
Tue Apr 21, 2015, 8:20 PM
Dong ding dongs
Sun Apr 19, 2015, 2:04 PM


Hello there!! :)

:PC: Hey Bouncer by RainbowBeatleBeatzCO Vivian by IWillAvengeYou
Hi, i'm VVyvern. You can call me VV or Wyvern or Dragon, or anything you want as long as it's not mean.
I guess i could say that i'm overall nice, unless you're one of those rude people that hate me for my opinions, not who i am. The thing is, i just really dislike the people who get super mad when i disagree with their opinions. sure, people have different opinions, but we could still be friends! if you like someone who is forever loyal to her friends, likes pokemon, and dont mind when people express their opinions, then we could be great friends! :) pity if you become an enemy....*smirks* anyway, enjoy my artwork! ;)

And also, a word for everybody who will bother reading:
I KNOW i might seem really brave and arrogant and rash here online, but, well, doesn't everyone seem like a different person online? Doesn't everyone here wear a mask of what the person they always wanted to be, and hide their true feelings beneath? Well, here's the truth about me. I am truly a COWARDLY, AWKWARD, GENTLE, PASSIVE, ACCEPTING, CONFLICT-AVOIDING, EASILY STRESSED person in real life. No joke. And sometimes I may let that show here during certain moments, such as when I see a REALLY GOOD piece of artwork or literature. I have no trouble faving random deviations that pop up as the "just submitted deviations", but when I see some really famous or really talented person's piece, I just totally chicken out. :| I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHY THAT HAPPENS. So if I watch you or fave your art, PLEASE don't thank me for it. And PLEASE don't watch me as a way of saying thanks, but only if you truly love my artwork. So, thanks for reading, and have a nice day. :)

P.S.: you're absolutely welcome to drop by and say hi! :aww:

Fantabulous peeps <3<3<3 (IN PROGRESS)

Bestest fwiends:

TOTALLY HELLA SEMPAIS (go watch them, seriously!)

:iconeeveetrainer1000::iconshinytheglowyumbreon::iconpikaholly::icongreen-fire-snivy::iconteamaquareshiram::iconcat-bot::icontyphoontheoshawott: :icondragonofinfinity::iconcj-the-pikachu::iconbloopero::iconthedemonzorua8000::iconthepoptartdog::iconamurlou::iconshadow-adoptions:


Icon army:
Vivian icon from pastel--colors by VVyvernGift For VVLartist by TheShinyUmbreon2002Vivian icon by VVyvernMidnight icon by ArticWolfBuiVivian  Icon for vvlartist by EeveeTrainer1000random thing by VVyvernAnnoyed Vivian icon by VVyvernChristmas icon by VVyvern:GA: BouncyBouncyBouncyBouncyBouncyBouncyBouncy by RainbowBeatleBeatzVivian headphones icon by VVyvernMidnight headphones icon by VVyvernRQ - Vivian Bounce Icon by AmurlouVivian icon by G-IconsVivian's Mark bottle by VVyvern

Journal dolls:
Vivian journal doll for Vvlartist by EeveeTrainer1000CO Vivian by IWillAvengeYou:PC: Hey Bouncer by RainbowBeatleBeatzChibi DarkAurora Midnight Journal Doll :D by VVyvernVVLartist by Owlykat


May 24, 2015
5:21 am
May 23, 2015
6:08 pm
May 23, 2015
5:14 pm
May 23, 2015
4:00 pm
May 23, 2015
12:27 pm


Or else i'll stare at you from your reflection in the mirror every night. :iconpsychoplz:


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